International Conference for Business Excellence 2016

Energy is one of the most important fields of study for our contemporary society. Special focus is placed on energy research based on the recent events such as the convention for limiting global warming proposed by COP21, the multiple financing opportunities of financing for business and research in the energy field and the sustainability efforts, that companies strive for towards the 2020 objective of the European Union.

The 10th International Conference on Business Excellence with the established date of 3rd of March, 2016, is the first edition focus on Energy, Climate Change and Sustainability. The International Conference on Business Excellence supported by the Society for Business Excellence in cooperation with The Bucharest University of Economic Studies alongside UNESCO Department for Business Administration, and the MBA programme “Entrepreneurship and Business Administration in Energy” has the purpose to achieve breakthroughs in the challenging fields of energy, climate change and sustainability.

The Society of Business Excellence jointly with The Bucharest University of Economic Studies, especially the MBA program “Entrepreneurship and Business Administration in Energy”encourage participants as academic researchers, practitioners from the business sector, PhD students, people working in public administration and in the non-governmental sector, to submit papers on the topic of Business in Energy and Climate Change.

All original submitted and presented papers during the conference will be published in the conference volume with ISBN, published by the Business Excellence Publishing House. In addition, a selection of the best papers, will be published in Special Issue in Business Energy, Climate Change and Sustainability of the Management & Marketing Journal ( ) published by de Gruyter Open, indexed in Scopus, Proquest, Cabell’s (more than 20 international databases).

The event will be hosted by The Faculty of Business Administration in Foreign Languages (FABIZ) located in the Capital city of Romania, encouraging the development of new ideas from both practitioners and researchers. Furthermore, the Research Centre for Intellectual Capital and Entrepreneurship and the Society for Business Excellence have contributed to the development of the international conference asa respected event, with the purpose of enlightening minds and connecting ideas in multiple fields, focusing in the year of 2016 on Energy, Climate Change and Sustainability.

Additionally, dynamic subjects concerning the main topics are as followed:

  • energy efficiency,
  • renewable energy,
  • business models for energy,
  • thermal strategy,
  • entrepreneurship models in energy,
  • EU energy policy developments,
  • qualitative and quantitative analysis in the energy field,
  • climate change impact,
  • decarbonisation,
  • energy poverty policies,
  • strategic thinking and sustainability in business

Distinguished business specialists in the field of energy such as Ion Lungu, the president of AFEER Romania and Valeriu Binig from Ernst & Young Romania will be part of the scientific committee of the conference, as well as guest speakers.

Besides the exciting event, the ambiance of Bucharest, the Capital city of Romania, was previously associated with Paris, being named ‘Little Paris’. Touristic attractions such as C.E.C. Palace, Royal Parliament and the Old Town, one of the most populated areas of the Capital represent a must see while attending the International Conference on Business Excellence.

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