Past International Conferences on Business Excellence

International Conference on Business Excellence is an important international gathering of academics, business professionals and PhD students.

The goal of the conference is to create a networking opportunity for both practitioners and researchers, young and senior professionals with cross-disciplinary interests.

The first eight editions were held in Braşov, Romania, organized by the Bucharest University of Economic Studies – Faculty of Business Administration in Foreign Languages, Transilvania University of Brasov – Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business Administration in cooperation with the Society for Business Excellence.

Brasov is a famous medieval city in the center of Romania, three hours by train from Bucharest. The origins go back to the 13thcentury, and for hundreds of years the town was an important node for commerce, a point between Asian and European commercial routes.

The medieval atmosphere is preserved by the historical relics: the Black Church, the Waevers’ Bastion, Saint Nicholas Church or the Schein neighbourhood.

Since 2014, the Society’s annual international conference is held in Bucharest, the capital of Romania.


Past ICBE Conferences

the 10th edition – March 2016 Bucharest, Romania
the 9th edition – October 2014 Bucharest, Romania
the 8th edition – October 2013 Braşov, Romania
the 7th edition – October 2012 Braşov, Romania
the 6th edition – October 2011 Braşov, Romania
the 5th edition – October 2010 Braşov, Romania
the 4th edition – October 2009 Braşov, Romania
the 3rd edition – October 2008 Braşov, Romania
the 2nd edition – October 2007 Braşov, Romania
first edition – October 2006 Braşov, Romania